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Keeping Music Alive

Alexandra Pádár is an extraordinary singer with a detailed, sensational voice.

Though she did a lot of sports back then, from the early ages she knew exactly she wanted to be a singer.​ Being up on the stage and opening up her soul like a flower, so everyone can see a bit of all of her true colors.

She grew up in a loving family of her mother, Barbara, and father, Béla. Since the early ages, Alexandra is a regular traveler.​

Alexandra Padar with cat.jpg
Alexandra Padar gymnast.jpg

For 6 years she did gymnastics and for 13 years she was a volleyball player, she was even in the national team.

Maybe her love for dancing can be originated from the sports background. She was a member of a hip-hop dance crew for years.

In the middle of 2014, she moved to the Netherlands for one year where she regularly participated on so-called ‘Travelling Mic’ dinners where emerging and noted artists could own the stage for some songs as well. She had the chance to perform with Italian guitarist-songwriter Luca Nostro. 



In 2016 Alexandra performed a Burlesque show in Switzerland. The audience could get a peak of how she could blow up the stage giving all her personality reflecting in her singing, dance moves and gestures.

Originally Alexandra is a hairdresser and was always interested in beauty and styling. 

Even though she spent so many times with these activities, somewhere deep within, her real dream was to sing on stages in front of people.

In 2010 Alexandra studied singing and performing in a private art school. 

Later she went on a 2-year concert tour with guitarist David Nagy around Hungary and Slovenia so more and more people could get familiar with her soulful and sexy voice. 

Alexandra Padar David Nagy concert.jpg
Alexandra Padar as Christina

Christina Aguilera is one of her idols, she loves singing her songs. During these years Alexandra impersonated her multiple times while performing.

2014 közepétől egy évig Hollandiában élt ahol rendszeresen vett részt ún. “Travelling Mic” vacsora esteken, ahol feltörekvő és neves művészek egyaránt felléptek. Alexandra itt több alkalommal együtt zenélt Luca Nostro olasz származású gitáros-zeneszerzővel.

2016-ban egy “Burlesque show”-ban szerepelt Svájcban. A közönség  megismerhette, azt hogy hogyan tudja felrobbantani a színpadot beleadva a személyiségét, ami visszatükröződik az éneklésében, táncában és a gesztusaiban.

Also in 2016 she participated in a singing contest/reality show called Star Academy aired on the Hungarian commercial TV channel called TV2. 

16 contestants moved together into a house having dedicated singing and dancing rehearsal rooms.

Alexandra Padar Star Academy dress.jpg
Alexandra Padar Star Academy face1.jpg

During the show she had the chance to learn singing, dancing, performing and so much more from experienced artists, teachers, and coaches. 

Since all contestants had different skills they could even learn from each other. 

Week by week Alexandra delivered extraordinary performances in front of the eyes of the judges, the audience and those who were on the other side of the television. 

Alexandra Padar Star Academy face2.jpg
Alexandra Padar Star Academy Naural Woma

After being selected into the Finals, she considered the last week as the most difficult from all. Altogether she performed 17 songs (including 2 duets) and participated in 5 additional group performances as well. 

She finished in third place.

On 10th December 2016, Alexandra received a GoldenBell Award in the Ceremonial Hall of the Hungarian Science Academy, given by Szilvia Kárászy concert pianist and composer. During the event, Alexandra spoke in front of the audience regarding her opinion of Szilvia’s program and award.

Alexandra Padar Golden Bell Award.jpg

From late 2016 Alexandra started touring with her partner Laszlo Kelemen who accompanied her on the guitar and as a vocalist as well. They appeared at various venues in the country and in Budapest including a charity event in front of the St. Stephan's Basilica. During the year Alexandra and Laszlo participated as guests multiple times in one of the Hungarian TV Shows called Sweet Life (Édes Élet).

Alexandra Padar and Norbert Aranyosi.jpg

In January 2017 Alexandra formed another duo, this time with guitarist  Norbert Aranyosi, who is an experienced musician in genres like jazz, pop, r&b, and soul. They were invited multiple times as guests to the FEM3 Café morning show on the FEM3 Hungarian TV Channel.

You can find more information and videos about the duo on the page of the formation.

In Jul 2017 Alexandra performed cover songs hosted by ZSIRAF Budapest. In the upcoming year, she became a regular performer and appeared four times during the summer. 

But Zsiraf is not the only place where she was welcomed as a performer. Raqpart joined the list in 2018 to invite her frequently to sing.

Alexandra at Zsiraf 2018.jpg

In 2018 the Hungarian music label 'Magneoton' signed Alexandra for cooperation in which her first Hungarian single 'Move On' (Menj Tovább) was born and released in the middle of the year. The music video can be viewed on Alexandra's solo project page.


The song debuted on the Hungarian channel Radio 1, while she joined as a guest for an interview in the Cooky Show. For more details and live video broadcast, please visit the News&more section.

She was also invited to other Hungarian radio channels, like Petofi Radio and Magyar FM.


In the second half of 2018, Alexandra joined 3 guys and formed the blues-rock band 'Woodstock Barbie'. During the regular rehearsals, 4 new songs were written, which were recorded in the studio for later release.



In the same year, Alexandra won the Creative Scholarship of the National Cultural Foundation to support her career in songwriting, studio recording, and music video production.

In 2019 we can expect Alexandra to debut new songs and appear on numerous venues.

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